Who is using SecureMailbox?

Ordinary emails are today used by more or less everyone in their daily work. Certain organisations and industries are by law governed to comply with Data protection laws and regulations that will ultimately lead to severe restriction in using email. Organisations and users are forced to solve their communication in authorised but time-consuming and complicated ways in order to be compliant. An easy and compliant way is to use SecureMailbox, a service that supports all international bank, patient and privacy laws. Underneath some examples of users!

Key employees are able to conduct confidential email correspondence with clients and partners in a secure and compliant way.

Secure communication of pictures – Share with collegues in compliance with data patient laws.

Get answers to LAB tests – Clients and patients want to be able to get answers to their samples electronically in an easy and secure manner.

Expatriate staff – Protects all communication between employees and its partners in vulnerable and unsecure areas.

Crisis Management – Handle situations with high security, confidentiality and authentication when the organisation is being exposed to an IT attack.

Secure communications – Ability to send security investigations and analysis information to selected senior managers.