Easy to use and including personalized GDPR options

Easily integrate with existing email platforms, SecureMailbox offers, a secure and compliant collaboration environment on any device, anytime. The advantage of using SecureMailbox is the ability to personalize each message. Every time you send a message including personal or sensitive data, you have the option to select security level depending on your organizations security (GDPR) policy.

Read notification
A text notification (SMS) will be sent to your mobile phone once the message has been opened by the recipient.

Delivery alert
A text message (SMS) will be sent to the recipient’s mobile phone alerting the person that it has received a new message.

Expiration date
Deletes the message from the recipient’s inbox after a selected date, regardless if it has been read or not.


Secure Mailbox helps you handle classified information in your organization

Burn after reading
Deletes the message after it is read.

ID control
The message is locked by an unique one-time code, which is sent as a text message (SMS) to the receiver’s mobile phone. ID Control guarantees that only the intended recipient can open it.

For your eyes only
Prevents the recipient from sending the message to others.