SecureMailbox offers communication freedom
without false trade-offs with usability and productivity.

First message service in Europe
to be awarded a SEAL for GDPR

More about our solutions for GDPR

Need to get ready for GDPR? Go to the main webpage and read more about our GDPR offerings and our different implementations of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default solutions.

Secure Mailbox business package for excutives and boardmembers

Organize your data protection

With Organizer, you can ensure that all affected by your business receive protection of communications and personal data, in accordance with current data protection laws.

Secure Mailbox government package for EU members

Helping the public sector

The Public sector and Government need to protect their business’s digital processes and everyone’s personal data.

Secure Mailbox healthcare package for teams, groups or clinics

Patient Centric Treatment

All type of clinics and hospitals need to communicate both internally and externally. Support for patient and data protection laws is a requirement.

Privacy by Design – protect your data!

The SecureAppbox offer authorities, governments and private corporations a secure and privacy-aware cloud platform.

The platform help you to build “Privacy by Design” services without false trade-offs with usability and productivity.

First message service to get a GDPR Privacy SEAL

SecureMailbox, with users in more than 160 countries, is the first secure cloud service that has been awarded a Privasee SEAL for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the ISO/IEC 29100 privacy framework.

SecureMailbox was awarded the SEAL for demonstrating compliance with Privacy by Design principles and the new EU regulation due to replace national data protection laws in all EU member states.