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Need to be GDPR compliant?

Need to follow GDPR, NIS and Cyber Security Act?

Use our new SharedMailbox service

About SecureMailbox & SharedMailbox

SecureMailbox with the new SharedMailbox option is a GDPR verified cloud messaging service developed by SecureAppbox AB in close cooperation with the public sector as well as private sector to be able to handle the need for compliance with Europe’s new data protection laws.

The advantage with SecureMailbox is that you can communicate with the same high security and control internally as well as externally in the same service. Easily managed in a central admin tool – Organizer.

The service has 7 ready-to-use security features: Hide Recipient, Read Receipt, Recipient Authentication, ID Control, Burn After Reading, For Your Eyes Only, and Expiration Date. Sending information via SecureMailbox ensures that GDPR is followed in all stages. In addition, the service ensures that all information remains within the platform.

Quick facts:

  • GDPR compliant messaging B2B – B2C
  • SecureMailbox as well as SharedMailbox service
  • No installation required
  • 7 advanced send options features
  • Verifies all users by email and phone
  • The Information is always encrypted
  • All users managed through central admin

It’s easy to get started with SecureMailbox and SharedMailbox within your organisation or project group. We offer different types of accounts to suit your needs.

Start using SecureMailbox

We offer authorities, governments and private corporations a secure and GDPR verified message platform which is easily integrated with your existing Microsoft or Google e-mail solutions.

SecureMailbox, SharedMailbox and Organizer helps you to securely mange personal data without trade-offs with usability and productivity.

You find more info about GDPR Organizer under “Enhancements”